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Scientific Program

31st International Conference of Indian Association of Palliative Care
Hosted By
Department of Palliative Medicine, Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute
Scientific Program: 09, 10, 11 Feb 2024

Day 1: 09 Feb 2024, Friday
09:00 am to 09:28 am Plenary Session 1: Advent of Palliative Care in India
Speaker: Dr M T Bhatia
Chairpersons: Dr R I Dave, Dr Yashavant Joshi, Dr Yogendra Modi
09:30 am to 10:00 am Plenary Session 2: WHO’s Initiative to start Palliative Care in Low Middle Income Country
Speaker: Dr Pamela Sutton, USA
Chairpersons: Dr Shashank Pandya, Dr Geeta Joshi, Dr Chandrika Dave
10:02 am to 10:30 am Plenary Session 3: Positioning Palliative Care within Indian Healthcare Scenario
Speaker: Dr M R Rajagopal
Chairpersons: Dr Sukdev Nayak, Dr Rakesh Joshi, Dr Mary Ann Muckaden
10:30 am to 11:00 am TEA BREAK
11 am to 12 noon INAUGURATION
12:00 am to 1:30 pm Session 1 A: Neuro Palliative Care (Domain: Physical aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Gayatri Palat,
Dr Nikhil Modi, Dr Savita Butola Co-Ordinator: Dr Roop Gursahani
  1. Palliative Care in Parkinson’s and related disorders
    [45 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Stefan Lorenzl
  2. Pediatric Neuro Palliative Care [45 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Audrey Foster-Barber
Session 1-B: Pharmacology & Palliative Care
(Domain: Physical aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Kabindra Bhagbati, Dr Bijal Virani, Dr Divya Patel
  1. De-prescribing in Palliative Care
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Anuja Damani
  2. Anticipatory prescribing in EOLC
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Praneeth Suvvari
  3. Drug interactions in Palliative Medicine [25 minutes]
    Speaker:  Dr Puneet Rathore  
  4. Breast cancer: Giving HER the liberty to live comfortably with breast cancer [15 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Harsha Panchal
Session 1-C: Stoma & Oral Care - Nursing perspective
(Domain: Physical, Psychological and Social aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Mohanasundaram T, John Haberecht, Dr Girish Parmar
  1. Nursing care of patients having colostomy or ileostomy
    [22 minutes]
    Speaker: Hanife MacGammwell
  2. Oral Care in Palliative Care: Facilitators & Barriers
    [22 minutes]
    Speaker: Sangeetha N 
  3. Nursing Care of Tracheostomy, PEG & Feeding Jejunostomy
    [22 minutes]
    Speaker: Mrs Anna Rao
  4. Problems faced by patients having stoma & their care givers
    [22 minutes]
    Speaker: Swarup Immaraju
01:30 pm to 02:30 pm LUNCH BREAK
02:30 pm to 04:15 pm Session 2-A: Financial Aspects of Palliative Care
(Domain: Social aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Jayesh Thakrar, Dr Sachidanandjee Bharti, Dr Piyush Mittal
  1. Benefits of Out-Patient Palliative Care to Healthcare system /community clinics
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Biji M S
  2. Integration of palliative care in private health sector
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Raghavendra 
  3. Marketing and Branding your Palliative Care program: increasing patient and system value with community based Palliative Care
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Avinash Tiwari          Discussion: 25 minutes
Session 2-B1: Geriatric Palliative Care (Domain: Physical aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr (Ms) Ashwin Mathur, Dr Satyanarayan Raju, Dr H M Iqbal Bahar
  1. Geriatric Syndromes
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Sheni Meghani
  2. Frail Elderly and Palliative Care
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Prabha Seshachar  
    Discussion: 10 minutes

Session 2-B2: Paediatric Palliative Care (Domain: Physical, Psychological & Psychiatric aspects of care)

Chairpersons: Dr Lulu Mathew, Dr Dinesh Kumar, Dr Charul Mehta

‘Enhancing Quality of Life for every child with serious illness' 
: Dr Justin Baker (15 minutes) Speaker: Dr Gayatri Palat (15 minutes)

Panel Discussion
: Dr Spandana Rayala Panelists: Dr Mary Ann Muckaden, Dr Megan Doherty, Dr Smriti Khanna, Dr Hari Prasad, Veronique Dinand
[25 minutes]
Session 2-C: Syringe driver in Palliative Care
(Domain: Physical aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr K  Praveen Kumar, Mrs Sheeba RS, Mr Himanshu Patel
  1. Continuous Subcutaneous Infusion with syringe driver in Palliative Care: procedure & important points to consider
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker:   Dr Shrenik Ostwal
  2. Symptom control with syringe driver
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Kalpana Balakrishnan
  3. Drugs used in syringe driver and its compatibility
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Prarthana Jayseelan Discussion: 15 minutes
04:15 pm
4.30 pm
4:30 pm to 5.15 pm QUIZ

Day 2: 10 Feb 2024, Saturday
09:00 am to 09:30 am Plenary Session 4: Rise of Palliative Care Education in India: Road travelled so far!
Speaker: Dr Sushma Bhatnagar
Chairpersons:  Dr Priti Sanghavi, Dr Pramod Kumar, Dr Chirag Doshi
09:35 am to 10:05 am Plenary Session 5: The evolution of Renal Palliative Care - What has changed in the last decade?
Speaker: Dr Ramaswamy Akhileswaran, SIngapore 
Chairpersons: Dr Pranjal Modi, Dr Bhavna Patel, Dr Nandini Vallath
10:10 am to 10:40 am Plenary Session 6: Leadership in Palliative Care: How to give and receive Feedback
Speaker: Dr Suresh Reddy, USA
Chairpersons: Dr Lingegowda K B, Dr Pareesima Dave, Dr Dinesh Kumar
10:40 am to 11:00 am TEA BREAK
11:00 am to 01:00 pm Session 3-A: Prognostication in Palliative Medicine
(Domain: Care of the patient nearing End of Life) Chairpersons: Dr Mohit Sharma, Dr Arshi Tariq, Dr Uday Shankar
  1. Prognostication in Oncology patients
    [30 minutes]
        Speaker: Dr Darshit Thaker
  2. Prognostication in patients with end stage pulmonary disease
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker:  Rajani Bhat
  3. Prognostication in patients with heart failure
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Sibasis Sahoo

Panel discussion
Topic: Implementation of prognostication to define goals of care in day to day practice [50 minutes]
Moderator: Dr Nandini Vallath
Panellists: Dr Darshit Thaker, Dr Pratibha Dileep, Dr Sibasish Sahoo, Dr Sarita Singh, Dr Sumita Mohanty
Session 3-B: Palliative Care and substance abuse: Special consideration (Domain: Physical & Social aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr H M Koshia, Dr Rajendra Anand, Dr Rashmin Sanghavi
  1. Biological, Psychological and Social consideration in substance abuse patients
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker:  Ms Keshav Sharma
  2. Challenges for professionals to provide Palliative Care in patients with substance abuse
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker:  Dr Ruchira Trivedi /Cannabis
  3. Identification and management of withdrawal syndromes
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Minakshi Parikh
  4. Role of counsellor and social worker in palliative care for substance abuse disorder with terminal illness
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Ms Michelle Normen Discussion: 10 minutes
  5. Lung Cancer:  Updates in the management landscape of NSCLC
    [10 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Harsha Panchal
Session 3-C: Hospice: A Concept
(Domain: Structure & process of care) Chairpersons: Dr Babita Abraham Varkey, Dr Saurabh Joshi,
  1. Continuum Care for Hospice Patients
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Stanley C Macaden
  2. Hospice- A place to empower caregivers
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Mami Parija
  3. Models of Home Care Services in India
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Sanghamitra Bora
  4. Hospice in India: Current progress and Future needs
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Sukdev Nayak

Discussion: 20 minutes
01:00 pm to 02:00 pm LUNCH BREAK
02:00 pm to 03:30 pm Session 4-A: Infections in Palliative Medicine
(Domain: Physical aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Somnath Dey, Dr Vikas Varikoo, Dr Raksha Kundal
  1. Common infections, its contributing factors in advanced illness & its preventive measures
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker:  Dr Nandan Choudhari
  2. Diagnosis and Treatment of infections in advanced illness
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Raghu Thota
  3. Anti-microbial use at End of Life Care, its Guideline
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Rucha Patil
Discussion: 15 minutes
Session 4-B: Palliative Sedation at End of Life
(Domain: End of Life, Ethical & Legal aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Dipak Patel, Dr Himanshu Prince, Dr Milan Mehta
  1. Palliative sedation to treat refractory symptoms
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Bimla Sharma
  2. Relevance to the Doctrine of Double Effect to decision about sedation at End of Life
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker:  Dr Rutula Sonawane
  3. Palliative Sedation: Ethics and Laws
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Seema Mishra
Panel discussion
Implementation of Advanced Care Planning [30 minutes] Moderator: Dr Prasun P  
Panellists: Dr Savita Butola, Dr Srinagesh Simha, Dr Roop Gurusahani, Adv Dhvani Mehta
Session 4-C: Lymphedema Management
(Domain: Physical aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Sudha P, Dr Sunana Gupta, Dr Ketul Puj
  1. Early diagnosis and prevention of Lymphedema
         [25 minutes]
         Speaker: Dr Rohini Patil
  2. Physiotherapist’s role in management of Lymphedema
    [25 minutes]
         Speaker: Dr Manali Shah
  3. Nursing Care & general instruction for patient with Lymphedema
         [25 minutes]
         Speaker:  Mr Terrymize I
Discussion: 15 minutes
03:30 pm to 03:45 pm TEA BREAK    
03:45 pm to 05:15 pm Session 5-A: Interventional Procedures in Palliative Medicine
(Domain: Physical aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Pratibha Jha, Dr Rohit Lahori, Dr Ravi Umrania
  1. Pleurodesis
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Lekha Raval
  2. Pleural & Peritoneal catheter
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Varun Yadav
  3. Central & Peripheral Nerve Blocks recommended in palliative care
    [35 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr P N Jain
Discussion: 15 minutes
Session 5-B: Care givers’ issues in Palliative Care
(Domain: Social aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Chandni Patel, Dr Umeshkumar Bhadani, Hannah Ikong
  1. Caregivers’ problems in patients undergoing Bone Marrow Transplant
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Jayita Deodhar
  2. Prevention of Burnout / Compassionate Care for Caregivers
            [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Seema Rao
  3. Caregivers’ issues in caring for patients with Gynecological malignancy
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Smriti Rana
        Discussion: 15 minutes
Session 5-C: Palliative Wound Care (Domain: Physical aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Betty George, Dr Malathi G Nayak, Ms Queenjal Anandi
  1. Physical symptoms & its management of Malignant Fungating Wound
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr A Latha
  2. Nursing issues & Palliative Care for non-healing ulcers, wound & fistulas
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Ms Alice Stella Verginia
  3. Psychosocial issues in patients having non-healing ulcers, wound & fistulas
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Punita Lal
      Discussion: 15 minutes

Day 3: 11 Feb 2024, Sunday
09:00 am to 10:40 am Session 6-A: Co-Morbidities and Palliative Care
(Domain: Physical aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Nishkarsh Gupta, Dr Mayur Ghoghari Dr Bhavna Shah
  1. Palliative Care in Chronic Lung Disease
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker:  Prof Miriam Johnson
  2. Diabetes management in advanced illness patients on Palliative Care
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Manisha Singh
  3. Hypertension management in advanced illness
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker:  Dr Smriti Khanna
  4. Common Musculo-Skeletal disorders in Palliative Care
    Speaker:  Dr Gaurav Chanana
    [20 minutes]
    Discussion: 15 minutes
Session 6-B: Standards for Palliative Care in India
(Domain: Structure & Process of care) Chairpersons: Prakash Fernandes, Dr Vikas Gupta, Dr Nita Gosai
  1. Where we are… Standards & Levels
    [20 minutes]
     Speaker: Dr Vidya Viswanath
  2. Standards – Learning from across the Globe
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Jenifer Jeba
  3. Standards of Palliative Care in India… Going forward
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Anjum Joad
  4. Humanity in a World of Conflict
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Mhoira  Leng

       Discussion: 15 minutes
Session 6-C: Three ‘Ds’ in Palliative Care
(Domain: Psychological & Psychiatric aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Jayita Deodhar, Anamika Pandey, Dr Apeksha Modi
  1. Demoralisation
    [25 minutes]
         Speaker: Dr Savita Goswami
  2. Death Anxiety
    [25 minutes]
         Speaker: Dr KV Ganpathy
  3. Dignity
    [25 minutes]
         Speaker: Dr Soumitra Datta
Discussion: 10 minutes  
10:40 am to 11:00 am TEA BREAK
11:00 am to 12:30 pm Session 7-A1: Palliative Care in Oncology
(Domain: Physical aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Suman Bhaskar, Dr Maitrik Mehta, Dr Bijal Patel
  1. Malignant bowel obstruction: Palliative & End of Life Care
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Sreedevi Warrier
  2. Obstructive renal disease in cancer patients
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Megha Pruthi  
    Discussion: 10 minutes
    Session 7-A2: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
    & Palliative Care
    (Domain: Physical aspects of care)
    Chairpersons: Dr Chirag Patel, Dr Geeta Joshi
  3. Drug-drug interactions of Anti Retrovirus Treatment and common drugs used in Palliative Care
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Manisha (Ranchi)
  4. HIV, its complications and management during EOL
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Jyothsna Kuriakose
            Discussion: 10 minutes
Session 7-B: Spiritual care
(Domain: Spiritual, Religious and Existential aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Beena Parikh, Dr Sanket Mehta
  1. Factors affecting spiritual and existential issues in patient suffering from advanced disease
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Anamika Pandey
  2. Assessment of spiritual distress in Palliative Care
    [25 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Dinesh Goswami

Panel discussion
Role of social Workers and NGOs in spiritual care
[40 minutes]
Moderator: Dr Mami Parija
Mr Noordeen
Dr Vallabh Dhaimodkar
Dr Reena Sharma
Dr Dhanashri
Ruby Ahlluvalia
Dr Piyush Gupta
Stella Mathew  
Session 7-C: Complementary Therapy in Palliative Care
(Domain: Cultural aspects of care) Chairpersons: Dr Megha Shah, Dr Jitesh Sarvaiya
  1. Music Therapy: Its impact in Palliative Care
    [20 minutes]
         SpeakerDr Tara Rajendran
  2. Non-Pharmacological measures for Pain Management
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Arun Deka
  3. Non-Pharmacological measures for Breathlessness
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Republica Shridhar
  4. Role of Yoga in improving Quality of Life of Palliative Care patients
    [20 minutes]
    Speaker: Dr Jagruti Kamdar

Discussion: 10 minutes
01:00 pm Onwards LUNCH

Paper Presentations
9th February, 2024 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM Hall D
2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
4: 00 PM to 5: 00 PM
10th February, 2024 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Hall D
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
3:30 PM to 5:00 PM
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM Hall E

Posters Presentation
9th February, 2024 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM Hall E
2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
9th February, 2024 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

- Quiz Competition: 09 Feb 24, Friday, 4:30 PM onwards, HALL A.
- Central Council, IAPC Meeting: (1) 09 Feb 24, Friday, 3:00 PM onwards, Telemedicine Room.
                                                   (2) 11 Feb 24, Sunday, 10:00AM onwards, Telemedicine Room.
- Annual General Body Meeting, IAPC: 10 Feb 24, Saturday, 5.30 PM onwards, HALL A.